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Calvary Youth

Calvary Youth
grades 5-12

Starting Monday September 18 6:30pm-8:30pm

This is a time to grow in your relationship with Jesus, build friendships and have fun.

Events and their dates listed below are subject to change.

Summer Events

July 10

Park Day

We will be hanging out at the park . This will be a time hangout, have fun, and get out of the house.

July 27 

Paintball @ Wasaga Adventures

We will be heading to Wasaga Adventures for a day of paintball and fun.

August 14-19 2023

Youth Camp @ Silver Birches

We will be heading up to Silver Birches for a week of camp. For grades 7-12.

August 24    2023

BBQ @ The George's

We will be head over to the George's house for a BBQ and pool party.

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