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Calvary Youth Registration

We use this online registration system to help us serve your participant and you, as their parent/guardian, while they attend our mid-week programs such as Calvary Youth (gr.5-12). When you ensure that we have all of your correct information we are able to efficiently update you with upcoming special events, when medical emergencies arise, and let you know about cancellations due to inclement weather. Knowing about your participant also helps us to create an atmosphere that they will love to be at. It also helps with getting  them connected with other attendees who are the same age as them. Without it, you may prevent your participant from having a great time while in our care, or miss out on important information when it matters most. Thanks in advance!

-- Calvary Ministry Team

Sometimes we take photos and/or videos for promotional material on social media, our webpage, and Sunday mornings. May we include your participant in our photos and videos?

Thanks for submitting!

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