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grade 5-12

Event Nights are loaded full of games and activities. It's a time to relax, hangout and have some fun. If you enjoyed Livewire or RealLife in previous years then you will definitely enjoy Event Nights.

Upcoming Event Nights

September 27 

Retro Games Night

Classic Retro Games, become life size. We will play games like human PacMan and Life Size Hungry Hungry Hippos, etc.

October 25 2021

Cardboard Kingdom

We will build Kingdoms out of Cardboard. Then battle to see whose kingdom will survive Cardboard Kingdom Dodgeball.

November 29 2021

Laser Tag!

2 floors dedicated to Laser Tag, and side line activities/hangout for those waiting to play a round.

December 20 2021

Christmas Party

We will have bunch of Christmas themed competitions, cookie decorating and more!

January 31 2022

Classic Camp Game

We will play some of the classic games played at Youth Camp along with some of the old school camp games!

February 28 2022


Massive group Clue game, other board games and ...

March 28 2022

Amazing Race

Teams will compete to complete all the stops and tasks to win the grand prize.

April 25 2022


If you have been out before, you know that Cups Night is a lot of fun!

May 30 2022

Indoor-Outdoor ManHunt and Capture the Flag

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June 27 2022

Summer Break!

No Youth Event!


Jr. High Camp

Contact the church if interested. For students Grade 5-8.


Youth Camp

Contact the church if interested. For students Grade 8-12.

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