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Sunday mornings after
When A Child of God receives understanding
Ages 0-3

Parents/guardians are welcomed to bring their infant down to our nursery at any time from when they arrive, to midway through service. Parents are required to stay with their children in the nursery. There is a TV in the nursery so that parents can still watch the service upstairs.

Ages 4-12

After worship, children will be dismissed from the adult service to head downstairs with Asha George.


We believe that any child can thrive when placed in the right environment. This is why we teach and communicate through a variety of different mediums. We also give opportunities for children to bond with their peers in the same age group. 


We believe in making the Bible come alive, and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate the word of God. Each week children are taught Jesus-centered, Bible-based lessons that are relevant and applicable for each age group.

Small groups

We believe in fostering environments where questions and curiosity are encouraged. In our age-divided small group time children are given opportunities to further delve into scripture and learn more about God.


We believe that children are the future of the church, but also have the ability to influence the world around them now! We desire to partner with parents to help instill positive character traits, as to shape them into  Godly  men and women.

Your child's well-being is our first priority at Level Up. We want every child in our care to know they are loved and valued by God, and cared for by each leader! This is why we require every church volunteer to submit an up-to-date criminal record check, with a vulnerable sector check. We also regularly train each volunteer in plan-to-protect policies, to ensure we are adequately prepared to serve you and your children.

Drawing Together
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