When you arrive

You'll be welcomed by a member of our hospitality team. If you'd like, they will guild you to signing your kids up for Children's programs (Level Up), direct you to the nursery, show you where the washrooms are, and help you find a seat in the main sanctuary.

Service Format

At Calvary, we love Jesus and love to express the through our time of musical worship. You can expect to hear some up-beat songs, the king that make you want to clap along, tap your foot, or even dance a little bit as we celebrate the King of Kings! There will also be some slower songs where we encourage everyone to worship the Lord. For some, this looks like closing their eyes, or lifting their hands in the air; for others it may mean sitting to really concentrate on

What to bring with you:

While there is nothing that you need to bring, here are some things you may want that will help make your Sunday morning more enjoyable for yourself.

If you have a Bible, feel free to bring it with you to follow along with the message. If not, we would be happy to give you one!


A notepad and a pen will help you take notes during the service, song lyrics that stuck out to you, questions about things that were said, or something memorable from the Pastor's message.


Bring a friend or loved one! We know how intimidating it can be to go somewhere new alone, but someone familiar with you makes it a little bit easier!


Do I have to dress up?

We recommend that you wear whatever you are most comfortable in. You'll notice that some people feel most comfortable in a suit and tie, while others rock a pair of ripped jeans and a hooded sweatshirt. We believe that your presence here, and your developing relationship with God is more important than the clothes you wear.

(But please do wear clothes!)