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Calvary Orillia is here to create opportunity for people to live out healthy relationships with God and with others. We are passionate about people seeing Jesus — understanding him in new ways and experiencing how he changes lives. We do 3 things to see this happen:

Live with Love:

We believe life is best lived together. Being together gives us opportunities to care for one another. In caring for one another, we learn to love like Jesus loved and be loved like Jesus loves.

Offer Acceptance:

We believe God knows exactly who we are and still opens his arms. It’s our great hope that we can do the same. We see a community where you bring your addiction — your pain — your depression — your anger — your doubt — your confusion — and all your mistakes — and still be welcomed as a friend.

Be a Disciple:

To be a disciple means being a learner. We believe we always have new opportunities to grow as a human being. We seek to be challenged to live lives of greater wisdom, hope, and love, by engaging and wrestling with the message of Jesus and the bible.

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If there is something going on in your life that you would like prayer for, please send it to our pastoral staff through our Pray For Me page.


Phone: 705-325-2146


375 Westmount Drive
Orillia, Ontario
L3V 6Y4